Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Life on the Rez - Week 11

This week was pretty chill. We had a lot of visits and lessons, but
nothing too crazy. Every Thursday night we have sports night with our
ward and it is a pretty good activity to get people from the community
to come and meet us in a casual setting. This week our zone leader was
on exchanges with the district leader during sports night and I
thought he was going to die. hahaha the members just get so into the
game (usually basketball), they love their rez ball! It was so funny
to watch Elder Johnson's reactions to their craziness. On Friday night
Sister Havea and I traveled up to the reservation in the mountains to
attend a funeral of one of the ladies she worked with. She was only 25
and had a little girl and husband. It was quite possibly one of the
saddest things I have been to in my whole life. There were so many
people and they were all crying. I didn't even know anyone there and I
was crying! On a happier note though.... on our way home we stopped
for dinner and we were walking up to the restaurant and saw these guys
waving fanatically at us. I thought that Sister Havea knew them
because she had served in the area where we were eating but she had no
clue who they were... turns out they were RM's and they were super
nice and bought our dinner! They said that they knew the poor
missionary life at almost the end of the month, haha. Other than that
we had a pretty slow week. Hopefully I will have more stories next
time :) One thing that I really liked during studies this week was
this quote by Elder Oaks: "The purpose of the gospel is to transform
common creatures into celestial citizens, and that requires change." I
can literally see this as I serve the people here in Arizona. Hope you
all are doing well! Love you guys!

Sister Welch

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