Monday, October 12, 2015

Life on the Res - week 9

So it has not been that long since my last PDay so this is probably
going to be a little short... At the end of last week we sang at two
funerals. I only ever met one of the people that had died but the
worst part was when members that I have come to love were so upset and
one of the older ladies came up and gave me a big hug and just cried
on my shoulder. But right after that we got to go to general
conference which is always like my most favorite thing ever. I really
loved and enjoyed all of the talks but some of my favorites were the
three members of the church presidency and of course Elder Holland. I
definitely have some things to really think about and work on for sure
:) haha well yeah... During my personal study earlier this week I had
the privilege of reading the first presidency message in the Ensign
for this month. SO GOOD! President Uchtdorf said some really amazing
things, he talked about how in Ancient Greece they had a relay race
where the runners to win had to cross the finish line with a lit
torch. He related how this is like how we must keep the light of
Christ during our race of life. He said "while it is important to
start the race, it is even more important that we finish with our
touch still lit... For the touch is not about us or what we can do. It
is about the savior of the world. And that is a light that annoy ever
be dimmed. It is a light that swallows the darkness, heals our wounds,
and blazes even in the midst of deepest sorrow and unfathomable
darkness. It is a light that surpasses understanding." Other than that
not much else has been going on exciting, well except for the changing
hearts of the people we are working with :) Erica is doing amazing! We
see her almost every day and when we don't see her she calls us with
questions. She was so excited for general conference so she could see
the living prophet, how cool is that? Our next baptism isn't for a few
weeks so that will be really amazing! I'll for sure keep you posted
about all the other fun stuff that happens this week!

Love y'all!
Sister Welch

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