Sunday, August 16, 2015

News from Sr. Welch.

Holy cow this week has been crazy! It is so true when people say that the days go by so fast after Sunday! All of the sisters in my district are leaving Monday morning for the real live actual mission field... it's crazy! The MTC experience is a crazy one in itself, but I am so glad to have the companion and the district that I do because they make it a ton easier. It's insane how we have only known each other for a little over a week and we are all so close, it's like having another family here. Unfortunately we are not all going to the same mission but we are going to stay in touch for sure! Our district decided to sing in the MTC choir while we are here and you will never guess who we are singing with...... THE NASHVILLE TRIBUTE BAND!!!!! They are coming on Sunday for a special performance and asked the MTC choir to sing to chorus parts to some of their songs! How awesome is that?!?! So here at the MTC we have investigators just like real missionaries (well I guess we are real missionaries too....) and we teach them after class every night. Sister Johnson and I are teaching two college age girls, Elizabeth and Carolina. Elizabeth is from China and grew up Buddhist so we have to take it really slow with her. We have mostly been teaching about faith and the atonement and how it relates to her personally. Carolina on the other hand is just eating it up! (feasting on the word.. haha) our lessons with her are just getting better and better and last night she said that after she learns a little bit more she wants to be baptized!!!! That is a spiritual high like no other. I love Carolina so much, she has an amazing spirit and her testimony is growing everyday. After our lesson we get evaluated to see what we need to improve on and what areas we do well in. Our teacher, Brother McClain, told Sister Johnson and I that if we knew how good we are that we would stop trying. That definitely helped boost my mood! Sometimes here it is really hard and I am being humbled every day. I am learning so much about how to effectively teach and love those that I am serving around. Love you all bunches! Keep me updated  on the real world!

Sister Welch

Scripture of the week: Matthew 28:19 

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