Friday, August 21, 2015

Arizona News - Week 3

Holy cow this week has been a crazy one! Even crazier than last week! Last Friday night we added up going to the emergency room because my companion, Sister Johnson, was having severe back pain. But after being there for like five and a half hours and a bajillion X-rays later they still couldn't find a reason for all of the pain. They ended up just giving her pain meds and some stretching exercises. I have to say though, it was nice to get out of the MTC for a while. It was so weird that there was actual normal life in the outside world! Saturday was just go go go all day like normal and then Sunday. Holy cow it was fantastic. That was when we got to sing with the Nashville Tribute Band. I loved it so much. The spirit was so strong! If you have heard of that band! LOOK THEM UP THEY ARE SO GOOD. And thenMonday was the day! We flew out at 6:30 which was late compared to all the other missionaries who left at 3:30!!! Two initial words about Arizona. It's hot. We just about died after getting off the plane. And we went to the mission home where we met with president and sister Sweeney and practiced street contacting. And then they sent us into the real world. To talk to real people. Not the fake ones they make us teach in the MTC. AAAAHHHHH. IT WAS SO SCARY! We ended up contacting in old town Scottsdale which is so cute by the way! We didn't see too much success but we did get a lady's address and she said we could stop by for some water some time. And we were like yeah! Sure we will stop by for some water (aka in missionary language: stop by and teach all of the lessons :)). By the time we got back to the apartment we were sleeping at that night, we were all dead tired and went right to sleep. I have never sweat so much in my life. Like even in places I couldn't sweat. And then it was Tuesday. We went over to the church where we have transfers and did some training for driving and iPads. And then around one we got to meet our trainers. I know the church is true and that Jesus loves me you know why? Because not only do I get the best trainer ever. She is from Tonga. But wait. There's more! WE ARE SERVING ON THE INDIAN RESERVATION!!!! The two things I wanted from my mission and I get them right off the bat! I can't decide if that is a good omen and the rest of my mission is going to rock, or if my luck all came at the beginning and its gonna be a rough 18 months.... Haha we taught two lessons this morning because here we do p day so that we work in the morning and relax in the evening because it gets too hot. Jsyk I can read emails as soon as I get them but I can't reply until p day, which is usually Monday but was different this week because of transfers. Also president Sweeney is super cool about music so we can listen to lots of things and mostly leaves it for our own discretion. Which makes me so happy!! I can listen to music again! Yay! I'm loving serving in the res. it's so fan freaking tastic. I miss you guys and love hearing from all of you!  I'm gonna attach a pic of me and Sister Havea (my trainer). I don't have my camera so I'll send the rest if the pictures Monday :)

Quote of the week: "Pray like it all depends on God. Work like it all depends on you."

All my love! 
Sister Welch

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