Thursday, February 4, 2016

President Lies! Life off the Res! - Week 21

      Well kind of but not really.... It's just that every time that
President gives me transfer news early, and I mean every time, it is

Anyway, for those of you who are still reading and not busy reporting
me or President Sweeney to the missionary department.... I DID get
transferred! But I am not in Mesa still, I am not training, and I am
not on bike. I am with a sister from my old zone serving in both the
Scottsdale YSA and Chaparral wards. Let me just say, it is so
different from the Rez! Not gonna lie, I really miss all my brown
people, but I think that I will really like it here too.
      My last week in Papago was pretty normal. We put someone on
date, had over 21 lessons, and said goodbye to all my peeps. We got to
make dinner for the Woods on Monday night to thank them for all they
have done for us. They really are so amazing! Good thing I decided I
am leaving a box of things in their garage when I go home so I HAVE to
come back and see them :) Thursday we spent most of the day packing
and getting ready for me to move and then we had sports night. Since
it was my last one we got to play rugby, which is like my favorite :)
well, while we were playing I may have kind of sort of sprained my
ankle.... Like I was running and landed in a rut funny and my ankle
cracked like 4 times... I hobbled off the fired and immediately it
started to swell up. Luckily it didn't rally hurt too bad it we got
some ice and a wrap and it is not going to have to be amputated. Yet.

A pretty cool thing though, that night I had to get up to go to el
baño, and when I went back to bed I could not get to sleep. My ankle
was really hurting so bad and I didn't want to wake up Sister PH so I
just laid there in pain. I said a prayer and asked that the pain would
subside enough so I could get some more sleep. As soon as I did, I was
able to close my eyes and go back to sleep. It was really amazing. God
really does know us and what we are going through and he hears and
answers our prayers.
          We have already met quite a bit of people. On Saturday, my
first full day in the area (oh yeah,transfers are on Fridays now....)
we had a baptism! I met the guy before o

Friday night and he is the
sweetest young man. John is in the YSA ward and he really has let the
gospel change his life. The baptism went so well! So many people came
and the spirit was really strong. Afterwards, we went to the temple
visitor's center with another investigator, CJ. He has a lot of
questions about the little details and so his lessons are very tiring,
but they are getting better. He really just needs to find out for
himself through prayer if this is true.

        I'm sorry that this is kind of short, I need to get better
again about writing down what to email about..... I love you guys.

Ps, I hit 6 months on Friday! How insane is that. I still feel like
such a baby! SO MUCH TO LEARN STILL. Good thing I still have a year :)

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