Sunday, January 3, 2016

Life on the Res - Week 19

It's a Wonderful Life!

So Sister Pinto-Haynes and I discovered that if pictures say a thousand words then imagine how much more a video can say! Therefore, we have been making silly little videos at the close of our days to share with you :) Some of them are pretty long, so it may take you till next week to finish all of them... but some parts are pretty funny! Well at least we thought so... So enjoy! Also: people when I got my call to Arizona said it is always warm. THEY LIED! It got down to 35 degrees this week during morning exercise! We almost died. Go to AZ they said. It will be warm they said. Jokes on me I guess! I have been wearing tights and boots almost everyday with a winter coat. Maybe I'm just a baby, but I was not expecting this! 

Love you Guys!
 Sister Welch

PS. meet Carl, my pet cactus. He is adorable.

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