Sunday, November 8, 2015

Life on the Rez - in pictures! Week 13

This week, Sr. Welch sent us several pictures from the Reservation!  Love to see the people she is serving, and who she is serving with!  I am a proud Missionary Papa!

We had a Halloween party and the missionaries had a booth with a raffle for this gorgeous picture of Christ. I LOVE the people here, they are so fantastic.

The church has some goats and a garden and we ate this one for dinner one day this week. I found out that I do not like mutton.... but that's okay :)We got to go to the temple again on Saturday for Halloween so we could avoid all of the crazy people haha it was fan-freaking-tastic. President Sweeney encouraged us to take family file names so I was able to do work for some family members and had such an amazing experience! It was super special to do it for my own family. 

Our people are doing pretty great! Judy is on schedule for her baptism this coming Saturday so hopefully she is feeling better by then! Everything here is great. I love you all and hope you enjoyed seeing my life in pictures :)
 Also I found out that next
transfer I am going to be training x2! Crazy right! In December I am
training another sister from Tonga! it is going to be so fun!

And this is a little story I shared with her about my mother's visit to us.  "I forgot to tell you a funny story.  Saturday after the show, when we were going to bed, Grandma slept in Nathan 's bed. All of a sudden, I hear her say oh my. I thought you were sleeping in your brothers room!  I go back to the bedrooms and Nathan is climbing in bed with her! I guess he wanted to sleep in his new bed too."

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