Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Life on the Rez - Week 5

Sorry about the lack of detail in my emails, the whole lack of a keyboard thing made a difference... haha but the baptism was amazing! His name is Victor YellowHawk Loring.

He is a nine year old of a less active family we have been teaching since I got here. The family is so cute! The grandparents have custody of most of their grandkids so there is always anywhere from three to nine kids at their house at a time! They are the sweetest kids though! His grandpa was able to perform the baptism, which was a big thing for them. We are trying to get them ready for the temple to all be sealed together! We have three other people on date for baptism. A couple, Victor and Rosaline, who have a young son and have struggled with things like the word of wisdom in the past, but they are doing awesome now! They have personal and family scripture study every night now. Victor said the last time we were over there that he is noticing the difference that prayer and reading the scriptures makes in their daily lives. They are really cool too :) Our last investigator on date is Judy. Holy cow I love her. She already has a really strong testimony of the gospel and is so willing to keep learning. SHE ACTUALLY DOES HER READINGS AND ASKS QUESTIONS!!!! That's new... haha Other than that we teach mostly less active families which is awesome.   We are  preparing quite a few to go through the temple! 

This week it actually rained here. Like three times! Sister Havea and I were so happy, we spent the night singing and dancing in the rain! Also the sunsets here in Arizona are beautiful. Every night. It's ridiculous. But awesome at the same time! Our ward mission leader is really awesome too. He is from Tonga just like Sister Havea! We spend P-Day mostly at their house, emailing and what not. Plus they feed us, which is nice :) We found the BEST thrift shop today. It was great! I hope you all are doing as great as great as I am! I am learning so much every single day. And being humbled every day as well.

The people here are so cool! I love  you all!

Quote of the week: "Salvation cannot be purchased with the currency of obedience, it is bought with the blood of the Son of God."

All my love and prayers,
Sister Welch

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